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All systems we put on the cloud are twice and even thrice encrypted to ensure data integrity is maintained while in transit. We use standards-based encryption to provide the highest level of security while simplifying implementation and significantly reducing deployment related costs.

In addition, we also employ data encryption for data at rest so your information is safe even when not in use. With accompanying key management software, even we don’t see your data.



By abstracting data, files and applications, we are able to provide Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) as an integral part of our systems. Our systems are redundant and our backups are geographically dispersed so data is kept safe from any single point of failure.

network server room
network server room

System Governance

Despite implementing multiple technologies to protect our systems, we believe operations is still the first line of defense. We’ve formulated our own governance practices to make sure human and technology are synchronized in protecting your data assets and your customer’s privacy.