Simplify to Profit

Operating a bank is already complex enought as it is. Adding IT to the mix makes management all the more overwhelming. Our core banking solution helps you focus on the business of banking over infrastructure.

Beyond Infrastructure

Learn how to make the most of the cloud through


Send and receive funds from anywhere in the world with SLRP's remittance feature.

Cash Management

Our Checking Account/Savings Account (CASA) for routine transactions

ATM Ready

Our CA/SA system is designed to connect to ATMs on standard APIs..

Compliance Automation

CBaaS automates many compliance reports so your team can focus on value


CBaaS is customizable by the client for self-service system configuration

Credit Management

Understand your customer's credit lifecycle from originiation to payments.

Document Tracking

Track documents using CBaaS Document Safekeeping


CBaaS subscription model comes with full support


Get a 360 degree view of your customers on CBaaS.


Our integrated General Ledger (GL) writes transactions as they occur


Management reports provide decision makers with insights on operations


As a cloud-first solution, CBaaS comes equipped with offsite backups

Batteries Included

Enterprise connectivity minus enterprise cost.

Core banking implementation often get bogged down during implementation because of undue attention to expensive infrastructure. Our CBaaS subscription model comes inclusive with equipment (and spares just in case) to securely connect you with the cloud. Use any type of Internet connection – fiber, 3G, 4G LTE, DSL, cable, home or business – to connect securely to CBaaS.

Read our white paper Sensible IT Infrastructure for Small Banks to better understand how we approach core banking.  

25% of Core Banking Projects are Abandoned
50% of Core Banking Projects do not meet objectives
Only 25% of Core Banking Project Succeed
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Focus on What Matters

Orcestra Implementation Practice (OIP)

Core Banking Systems are difficult to plan, implement and operate. OIP greatly simplifies implementation by removing impediments that often overwhelms core banking system projects.  

Low Implementation Risk

CBaaS lowers risk by channeling the organization's efforts towards operationalization rather than technology.

Mimimal Capital Expenditure

As a subscription service, CBaaS does away with costly and time consuming infrastructure build-ups.

Continuous Staff Training

Your staff is key to operations success and the CBaaS subscription comes with our online KB and training library.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use the tools you already know

CBaaS integrates with Microsoft’s Office family so your team does not have to relearn new tools. Each CBaaS subscription comes with Office365 as part of the package. 

Simplified Pricing

Eliminate hidden costs associated with Enterprise Projects.
CBaaS is simple, affordable and inclusive.


Per Branch
$ 200 Monthly
  • 24x7 Secure Access
  • Offsite Training*
  • DR/BCP
  • Office365
  • 500 UMS Messages
  • 50 Branded Messages


Per Branch
$ 200 Monthly
  • 24x7 Secure Access
  • Offsite Training*
  • DR/BCP
  • Office365
  • 500 SMS Messages
  • 50 Branded Messages

General Ledger

Per Branch
$ 150 Monthly
  • 24x7 Secure Access
  • Offsite Training*
  • DR/BCP
  • Office365
  • 500 UMS Messages
  • 50 Branded Messages

CA/SA + Loans + GL

Per Branch
$ 450 Monthly
  • 24 x 7 Secure Access
  • Offsite Training*
  • DR/BCP
  • Office365
  • Domain + 50 Accounts
  • 2,000 SMS Messages
  • 1,000 Branded Messages
Best Value